Below is a list of questions that we are commonly asked.


Q: If we get the internet from you, how much extra is streaming? 

A: We have nothing to do with streaming. That is a separate service that you have to deal with a Streaming provider. We only provide the path to the internet. What you do with that path is up to you. 


Q: Who can we get live TV from?

A: Hulu, Philo, Youtube and others like that provide live streaming. That is a service that you deal with them for. There are also many other streaming providers. 


Q: Can we stream thru your internet connection?

A: Yes and no. You can stream if you have the correct hardware. A smart TV will do it, as will a Roku, Amazon Fire Stick, Apple AirPort, and other smart devices can stream TV over the internet. As can your Computer, or smart device.


Q: Where can we get channel 11?

A: For channel 11 you have to have an OTA antenna. Channel 11 does not stream to the internet. We cannot change that. Only Channel 11 can change that.  You can however get the affiliate networks thru any of the standard devices. CBS has a service called CBS All Access. The others just use the network letters for their streaming app. They all have a mix of free and pay content. 


Q: Do you throttle the speeds, or control the bandwidth in any fashion?

A: No. Unlike other providers we do not throttle your speed or bandwidth. Whatever package you get from us, that is the speed you get from day 1 thru the end of the billing period. It does not if you get a single email in that month, or binge watch TV for the entire 720 hrs of the month. The speed does not change, and the cost does not change. 


Q: What package should I get to stream with?

A: We recommend no package smaller than the Silver package. With some of the services that use larger amounts of bandwidth, like CBS All Access, you may experience some buffering. If you want to have no buffering, or you want to be able to use the internet AND stream with no buffering, we suggest the Gold package. 


Q: If we leave for a while, can we turn off our service?

A: No. We have a lot invested in the infrastructure, so we will not allow you to do that. If you cancel the service, we remove our equipment, and then there will be an installation fee to restart it. But what we do allow you to do, is to cut back your service to the basic service while you are gone. Many of our customers like this, as they have smart thermostats or other devices that they will be able to monitor remotely. 


Q: If we want to change our service, is there going to be an additional charge? 

A: No. The equipment is the same, nothing changes. All we have to do is change some settings in the system, and then you will see the speed increase or decrease.